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Warning Overwhelmed Business Owners: Busyness May Stunt Your Growth!

Wearing many hats is not uncommon at all among many overwhelmed business owners who are trying to do it all by themselves. Especially when first starting out, there may not be enough cash flow to justify hiring employees, let alone drawing a paycheck from the business, leaving an overwhelmed small business owner. Unfortunately, this may be a counter-productive process.

Alleviating the time consuming busy tasks which are necessary in running a business would offer not only peace of mind but the opportunity to grow a business and allow the business owner to work on the bigger picture.

How does one deal with busyness? The answer is actually quite simple, yet can be difficult to jump into. Outsourcing. It may seem like a scary concept at first for several reasons, but outsourcing is a great way for business owners to delegate the busy tasks by hiring contractors such as virtual assistants, bookkeepers, graphic designers, copywriters, marketing consultants and web designers. This would allow the business owner the chance to see how well an outsourced contractor would fit in with his or her vision without the expense of hiring employees. The beauty of a contractor is that you only pay for the project you need done at any given time, and then you’re done. You do not have a paid employee sitting around waiting for something to do.

Allowing themselves to step out of their comfort zones and outsource tasks may allow overwhelmed business owners to concentrate on areas that are key to their growth and success.

The first step in assessing whether outsourcing is ideal and whether it would be beneficial to your business’ growth would be to just jump in and try it. There are many resources on the internet to start get started, including Guru, oDesk and One could even contact a local business organization such as a chamber of commerce or a women’s group, to see if there are any contractors in the area.

Another benefit of hiring a contractor would be the opportunity to “test the waters” until you find the right person who fits in well with your business, and even maintain a relationship with more than one contractor.

One will never know if one doesn’t at least try. Once a biz owner tries, he most likely will find himself way ahead of where he used to be and will probably ask herself, “why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Why Small Businesses Should Go For Virtual Offices

Virtual offices are normally a shared office that contains business address, meeting and conference facilities, phone services, mail and courier services. Today, these offices are becoming increasingly popular compared to the ordinary offices. A virtual office does not require very high expenses and it can enhance any kind of business, entrepreneurial or professional. Generally, virtual offices enable you to offer better services to your customers and give you the advantage you require to remain in front of your competitors. This kind of office solution has many benefits that can make your life much easier and your business more efficient.

Cost Effectiveness

Virtual offices are affordable to many start-ups and small businesses. Setting up a company office in a prime location is very expensive, which makes it impractical for many small businesses. However, using a virtual office helps you save a considerable amount of money while at the same time giving a chance to enjoy reduced overhead costs. By using this office solution you do away with the liability of settling electricity bills, cleaning, internet, equipment and parking among others.

Increased Productivity and Flexibility

Many businesses realize an increase in their overall productivity after they become accustomed to making their own timetable and completing their everyday activities accordingly. With these offices, small business owners are granted lots of flexibility in their routines. You can in fact work from home or any other distant location because each of your administrative responsibility is covered. This gives you a chance to focus on the more crucial areas of your business hence increasing the overall productivity.

Prestigious Business Address

A virtual office offers you a stable location and a business address. There are many prestigious business addresses to choose from that will actually give your business an edge. You do not have to buy an office building or even rent real office space. The prime location offered by these offices will certainly create an ideal impression for your business.

Essential Office Services

These offices provide many different services to make sure that your business stays productive all the time. Such services include voice mail services, personalized phone answering services, call forwarding, fax services, postal forwarding, e-mail addresses, on-site helpful support and meeting rooms. However, you should note that small details about the services offered might vary from one company to another. It is crucial to pick services that can really help improve your business.

Global Exposure

Market for specific products might be very small when restricted to a specific location. However, when promoted globally, that specific product can become incredibly profitable. Virtual offices can utilize the services of sales persons in different locations who keep in touch virtually. For instance, perfectly skilled employees from two different states or countries can work together and produce increased leads for your business.

In conclusion, virtual offices offer many benefits compared to traditional set ups. This office solution is especially beneficial to small businesses and startups that are on a narrow budget. This is an ideal office solution for modern corporations and the most suitable means of operating your business effectively without the high costs of renting an office space as well as disbursing employee salaries.

What You Need to Know Before You Start Up a Home Based Business

Sick of your boss? Dont have a Job? Cant leave the house?

More and more people are strongly considering the possibility of creating a home based business. You all have your own reasons, I personally was sick of working 7 days a week and spending no time with my husband and family. But before you quit your day job, take a look at this list of 10 points that outline some things you need to seriously consider before you make a decision about your employment status.

1.When thinking about starting up a home based business that you can run from home, you much pick some thing you love, it must be important to you- don’t just choose something that you think will churn money, you will not likely maintain it a long term career and before you know it, you’ll be back at Burger King.

2. Before you even commit to a business idea, you must do your research!. That includes, researching your competitors and your market, is it a trendy idea likely to expire? What are the start up and maintenance costs? How many customers will you need to create profit? Is there a Niche Market for me? Is my location going to effect my business? Where will my customers come from? I cant stress how important research is if you want your start up business to succeed.

Write a business plan. Business plans can be as simple one page document. But it is thoroughly important to outline from goals and aspirations for your business. Outline your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. Without a business plan- you could end up chasing your tail.

It may be helpful to seek the advice of your accountant before you begin your Home based business. You may be saving yourself a lot of money in the future by implementing suggested strategies. A professional can also help you figure out a cash flow plan. You also need to know know all the legal and tax issues.

Be Cash Savvy. Consider your Overheads, where you can possibly cut costs, and dont spend money that has not yet been earned.

Even if you are starting up a home based businesses, always be professional. Have kick ass business cards, an awesome business name and logo, and a professional website, this a must when trying to create a brand, to network, and to exhibit your professionalism.

Consider Virtual Assistants instead of hiring full-time employees. In some circumstances, nothing substitutes for a committed staff member, however there are literally thousands of tasks that you can outsource to virtual staff members. Have a look around sites such as, and I have found these invaluable in my own personal businesses.

Networking is extremely important. Try to go to as many business expos, seminars, and related events to meet like minded business people. I often leave event feeling pumped about my business and full of new ideas to implement, along with being able to create business from the contacts that you have made. You can also try joining relevant online communities and forums.

Continue your education. Even if you feel completely confident within your abilities and your job, there will always be something bigger and better that will come along and eventually squish you and your business. Stay up to date with market trends and remember- if you have stopped learning, then you should probably consider doing something else.

Always re-evaluate. When you are doing your business plan, indicate some important milestones in the business where you can stop and review how things are going. Consider cash flow and spending, projected income, evaluate marketing campaigns, new creative ideas to implement, review the market and your competitors, evaluate staff or the need for staff.

So this article is not published to scare you off, it was written to inform and inspire you. There is so many opportunities out there for hard working and committed people, starting a home-based business can work! Just approach with the correct information and the right frame of mind, and you are sure to hit it out of the ball park.