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Proper Bookkeeping When Starting Up A Business

People want to be their own boss, dictate their own working hours and earn heaps of cash. The only way to achieve this is to set up your own business and the number of people wanting to own their own business has been growing over the years. However, only a few make this dream come true. Now, how do you go about this successfully? Here are some tips to help you make the transition from an employee to your own boss.

The first thing to consider is your market. Ask the question, do I have access to a market? You don’t even have to think about your product at this stage. All you have to consider is whether you have a market that is willing and able to buy. Do you have a lot of friends or acquaintances who have the capability to buy and are in need of goods or services?

The second step is where the product comes in to play. Ask what products or services are the market willing to purchase. Also, what products or services are you able to offer?

Third is to consider your capital for production. Key questions are; how are you going to finance your business and how much do you need to finance your business? Some would say that the rule is to have a capital that is three times the amount you need for 1 year of operation.

Next is to start your business operation. While everything is at play, keep track of your business deals. Take note of every transaction that transpires. It is strongly recommended to do bookkeeping because this will be very helpful in finding ways to cut costs and to pinpoint where you are losing money. If you can’t do your own bookkeeping, you can hire an accountant to do it for you.

Finally, do not give up on your business. It is natural for business to suffer in its initial years. That is why you need a large capital. The few months of a business is the most difficult part because everything is new and must be handled delicately. On the bright side, much learning takes place in the first year of a business that could be used to improve or reinvent your existing business.

You will definitely find out a lot of juicy information when you go for the best service. Find out what fits right for your business. Explore and discover the highs and lows of your venture by outsourcing your financial reporting operations.

What Really Makes You Money in Your Network Marketing Business

There is a perception on what really makes you money in your network marketing business in today’s market. There are more than one way to profit and you need to look at all of the potential moneymaking systems so you get the maximum out of your business. Some are more profitable than others but why not take advantage of every opportunity to cash in, this is why you are in business to begin with. I will list the four ways to grow your business for profit.

Product/Service Sales;

Every MLM business has either a product or a service that will make you money in your network marketing business… You can make immediate money when selling direct to customers. Of course, the more sales, the more money. This is usually necessary in all MLM businesses so that you qualify as a representative and you become eligible for the compensation plan and the bonuses offered by your particular company. Money is limited in this stage as you can only get so many customers.


This is probably the most difficult part of your business which makes you money in your network marketing business. Trying to get family and friends to join your opportunity to build an empire. Think about it, there are only so many people on your warm market list and then you have trouble recruiting partners and your business gets stagnant. Before you run out of names you can get the bonus money offered by most companies so take advantage of this part while the going is good.


This part is valuable if you know where and how to get them. It also adds to the recruitment process. There are several ways to get leads that makes you money in your network marketing business and one of them includes purchasing them. The problem with buying leads is that any list of leads that you buy may have also been sold to other people in the MLM business. In other words, people on this list may have already been presented with an opportunity and may not be interested in yours. There usually is no guarantee when you buy a list of prospects. Now, if you know how to get FREE LEADS via the internet your business will explode to levels that you never thought you would get to.

Applications to your business;

This is obviously where the big bucks come from. The more prospects that you sign up the bigger your business gets and the bigger the profit gets. Focus on this stage anytime it becomes available and sign them up. Everything gets put aside when you have someone with an application; this takes first priority over anything in the MLM business because this is what makes you money in your network marketing business and this is what makes you the big money. Residual income is the best part of adding people to your business and it will last a lifetime if you do it right.

Business Leads Through Effective Networking

There is a great deal of competitiveness both online and offline and business owners need business leads. A great way to accomplish this is by networking. Business networking must be nurtured, almost like planting a tree.

To start with, you must plant the seed, then water the soil, lead the trunk, trim the limbs, and lastly enjoy the fruit. The initial stage of building your business is always going to be a demanding task and you don’t need to hamstring a business connection by sending a wrong message, and this can easily happen through a simple Facebook post. Don’t let social intercourse get in the way of your intended objectives!

There are plenty of ideas on the market on how you can obtain business, but amongst the very best ways to establish your business is to build on the relationships within your current networks. If you provide exceptional service and execute correctly, you will get the referrals.

The Spoken word is still amongst the most ideal advertising and marketing resources a business can seek. You will need business leads in order to graduate your business. Always manage to keep your contacts in the loop professionally. Furnish them information and updates pointing up how their role is essential. Bear in mind that they are your friends but you usually aren’t paid to be their friend. You can carouse but take precautions and keep it professional. If you do decide to branch out socially then preserve discipline and always keep your business separate from social functions.

Social networking solutions like Facebook can obliterate a business relationship. You might make a truthful post and have that post to deteriorate your business relationship. People are thin-skinned and might take your posts out of context. Without clear communication and expectations established around your business relationships you can infect your clients with an antagonistic connotation. Keep social gatherings exclusive. It is wise in these situations to execute a bit of “damage control”.

Consider applying a customer satisfaction questionnaire. Just after your business is completed, give your client an opportunity to offer feedback and let them know that you need business leads. Put your ego aside and consider this an opportunity – for that is just what it is. Put in the time to really profit from what they say – and find ways to improve in areas that might not house your traditional strengths. This will reiterate the business relationship and keep unwelcome assumptions unseen.

Above all, do not abuse social networking tools. You will not win. When you finally realize that these platforms are a resource and not a necessity then you will respect the rhythm of the relationship and mixed messages will die.

Try the “traditional” approach. What would you do if you didn’t have a computer or internet and you needed business leads? Pick up the phone book. Utilize legitimate efforts and fellowship your colleagues. The human influence goes a long way. You seem to be more legitimate when you leave from behind your desk and go to lunch rather than to collaborate solely in a virtual world.

Many people don’t perceive your true character on the computer. All they get is facts. Without the benefit of face to face communication, or the tones of your voice from a phone call to use as cues, you are essentially just another number.

So remember, social networking should be considered a tool to help market your business partners, but you can’t do your business there. Old fashioned human contact, assisted with a good strong dose of “fun” can keep your business tree harvesting sweet fruit for a long, long time!