Security for Business – What Are the Special Requirements?

Business Security Systems

The components of an alarm system whether it is for a residence or a business are basically the same. There are differences that should be addressed before you purchase a Business Security System.

Similarities between Home and Business Security Systems

Both types of alarm systems will need to have protection for all of the doors and windows that are on the premises. The inside of your business will still need to have a motion detector installed as an addition to your perimeter protection. Most of the differences between the two types of systems are related to the access of the areas.

Business Security Considerations

A business is typically opened to the general public and this is where the similarities end between a residential system and a business alarm security system. There are areas of your business that the public is allowed to roam about and there are also areas that they should not have access to. You also have employees that you would like to consider to be honest but they may also need to be limited to certain areas.

Business Security System Devices

If your business dispenses cash then you will want to have a hold up button installed. This device is connected to the security panel and sends in a distinct signal so that the central monitoring company knows that there is an emergency situation. The police will be dispatched knowing that there is a potential hold up situation. A business can also have theft as a consideration from the general public and employees alike so there may be specific asset protection that should be installed. Asset protection devices can be installed to detect the movement of high cost items. Many businesses have store fronts that have large windows. Burglars can gain quick access to your store by smashing these windows. Glass Break sensors can go a long way in protecting the perimeter. Since these windows do not open the traditional door contact does not provide protection.

Placement of Security Devices

The placement of the security devices can also be different with a business alarm system. Since most businesses are located in an area with foot traffic, care must be taken to ensure that false alarms are not generated by improper placement of Motion Detectors. If you are having a shock sensor installed you must take care that passersby do not set the system into alarm.

Area Access to Your Business

Your business may have multiple areas of access and there may be cases where you do not want all employees to be able to access all areas. Business Alarm Systems can be installed with multiple areas of protection where you can designate particular employee’s access to some areas and exclusion from others. For example you may have a stock room that only designated employees are allowed to enter. You can install an additional keypad at the stock room location and only the designated people will have entry without setting of the alarm.

Business Security System – User Access

If you run a business then you know that there can be a high turnover of employees. This means that you will need to be able to easily add and change access to your business. You must also make sure that the security system has enough capacity to be able to enter all of your employees that are allowed to arm and disarm your security system.